Growth in babies (0-1 year)


As a new parent, the amount of information out there about growth can feel overwhelming – all you want is for your baby to be happy and healthy. During these early stages of development, any issues with growth may not be showing themselves which is why it is vital to keep track of your baby’s growth, in order to identify early if there is a problem.

As a reference, from birth to 1 year, babies grow about 25 cm.

Calculate your child’s growth

It is important to keep track of your child’s growth in order to identify if there is a problem early on. Check if your baby is growing as expected with our easy to use growth calculator.

Get prepared for talking to your doctor

If you are concerned about your child’s growth, don’t hesitate to speak with an HCP. They will be able to complete some measurements and investigate further if needed, potentially referring you on to a specialist. Here we can help you plan for both conversations.