Speaking to a growth paediatrician

Visiting your child’s paediatrician or GP may feel daunting, but it can help to be prepared ahead of your appointment. To help you stay equipped in these situations, take a look at the below discussion guide for you to use when visiting your child’s doctor.

How to prepare before meeting your child’s doctor

Talking to a doctor is an important first step to take in order to understand if their is a problem with growth. Use this guide to initiate a discussion with your child’s doctor and keep track of the questions you want to ask them. You can write in the answers you receive and take notes for future visits.

What height and weight percentile does my child fall into?
Do my child’s measurements suggest there’s a problem with their growth?
Has my child’s height and weight percentile changed since the last visit?
What should my child’s annual growth rate be?
What is my child’s mid-parental height and are they on track to reach it?
Does my child need to see a specialist?
What are the next steps?